Outfit Management

Chart & Publications Outfit - Management Service

At the time of the initial supply of charts and publications to a vessel, we record the edition date of each chart and book, and enter these into our software. We then provide new editions of charts and publications automatically, usually at intervals of one month, or at intervals dictated by you, or your vessel's port rotation.

An added benefit of our Outfit Management Service is the Weekly Chart Correction List - this lists the Notices to Mariners (permanent, temporary and preliminary) the navigator must apply relevant to the charts onboard.

Charts and publications can be active or inactive (sleeping); inactive products are still included on the chart correction list, but do not have new editions supplied. This system makes our service particularly suitable for ships on certain trades.

If your vessel already has charts and publications onboard and you wish us to supply you with new editions of charts and books automatically, then, to start the service, all we require is:

a) a list of charts onboard, with chart number, title and edition date

b) a list of nautical publications onboard, with title, edition, book code

We then enter the above information into our software, which flags up any new editions required.

TODD NAVIGATION has experience within our organisation to ensure your vessel has the appropriate charts and publications, from British Admiralty to IMO, ITU, OCIMF, Chamber of Shipping, etc. If your ship is on a tramping trade and you do not want to buy Sailing Directions and charts for areas the vessel may not visit again, we can limit the Outfit Management Service to only those publications necessary to the safe and statutory operation of the ship. We help to ensure your onboard charts and publications are always updated and legal.

Each vessel receives a laminated Outfit Management Supply Certificate, which can be shown to Port State Inspectors if necessary. This certificate lists the services we have agreed to supply. It is renewed annually, together with a copy of the vessel's current inventories.

The automatic supply of new editions of charts and/or publications through our Outfit Management Service has no additional fee; the only charges are for the cost of the charts/books and carriage charges.

We are ready to assist you with the migration from paper charts to digital charts. Our experts can advise on the right choice of digital transit, regional and port folios, or individual ENCs, to ensure complete and economic chart coverage. Our Digital Products Manager then provides updated permits and electronic charts on a weekly basis, on hard media or by email.

For the Admiralty List of Radio Signals, we can provide Loose-leaf weekly updated. Each new edition of the ALRS is provided in a four ring binder. Subsequently, weekly updates consisting of numbered replacement pages are provided, considerably reducing the update burden onboard.