e-Books from Witherby Digital

Todd Navigation work closely with Witherby Digital to provide you with e-books from IMO, ICS/ISF, OCIMF, etc. IMO's publications are officially provided through Witherby Digital's e-book reader. The standalone version allows installation from the Seamanship Library DVD on a main computer and backip computer onboard.

e-Books from Witherby Digital

The Seamanship Library allows you to build and customise your own digital library from over 600 industry eBooks including publications from IMO, OCIMF, SIGTTO, INTERTANKO, SKULD, Shipping Guides, TSCF, Petrospot, Gastech, Fathom Shipping, CDI and MARISEC. Choose your eBooks depending on ship type, area of expertise or interest, Recommended Reading lists are available to help in the decision making process. All our eBooks are viewed through the custom built Seamanship Library eBook Reader which has been designed to cover the needs of people working both onshore and offshore for the viewing of technical publications.

The Seamanship Library is available in two versions; Standalone for installation onto a single PC or Network Version for installation onto a server. 

6 Monthly update discs are available on request; these will contain notifications and updates to your eBooks. The DVD will also contain new publications which you can choose to purchase if required - by having the update DVD you will always have the latest edition of publications ready to unlock should you require access to them. 

Key Features of the Seamanship Library include: 
 • Pre-loaded DVD with over 250 eBooks to choose from plus hundreds more to add from our portfolio
 • Powerful Fast Search Engine - search the whole Seamanship Library / Only Selected eBooks or    categories / only eBooks you have unlocked or just within a single eBook
 • Sync the Seamanship Library to receive Updates and Notifications (internet connection needed for    this feature)
 • Copy / paste text and images
 • Print
 • Add Annotations and Bookmarks
 • 6 Monthly update DVD
 • Network Version Available 

How to start your library? 
 1. Choose the reader – Standalone or Network
 2. Choose the eBooks you require – why not view our recommended reading lists to help

Simply buy what you need – this is not a subscription product
As a purchaser of The Seamanship Library, you will receive a disc with the requested eBooks, ready to install onto your PC. You will be provided with a unique code which will allow access to the specific eBooks which you have purchased. However, you still have the option to purchase/download further eBooks as and when you require them. 

Access the eBooks dependent upon your area or speciality
Depending on ship type or your area of particular interest or speciality, we have a list of recommended eBooks for each topic– for example, Liquefied Gas, Bulk Carriers, or Chemical Tankers

Add single eBooks to further customise your Library
You can also add any available title as an eBook to your 'Seamanship Library', further personalising the Library for each user. You can add any title, and there are more than 600 available, as an eBook to the 'Seamanship Library' making it a fully customisable system. 

You can search the Seamanship Library for key words/titles; this search can cover all the eBooks which you have purchased and unlocked. For specific searches you can tick only the eBooks through which you wish to search, or only apply the search to products you own and have already unlocked. 

Make your own notes
You can edit text and add annotations (like you would on a physical book). 

System Requirements
Requires Microsoft Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8
(Windows 8 RT tablet not supported).