ADP Training

Admiralty Digital Publications (ADP) is installed onboard via a CD-ROM. The installation is quick and easy, even for the less IT savy person. Our ADP training ensures best value is obtained from this award winning software.

ADP Training

Admiralty Digital Publications Training

Our half day courses in ADP Training prepares your navigating officers for:

  • Installing Admiralty Digital Publications software
  • Activating the ADP software
  • Getting the most out of TotalTide and Admiralty Digital List of Lights
  • Purchasing additional ADP areas
  • Problem solving

Training can be given for up to three persons in our offices in Bangor, or for greater numbers at the nearby SIGNAL Centre of Business Excellence. We can bring our training session to your offices, or even onboard your vessels, where ADP can be installed for the first time under our expert guidance. Our training package includes course notes, and a powerpoint presentation.


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