Navmaster ECDIS Mk II

To get your Fleet ECDIS-ready, Todd Navigation is working with a series of the best ECDIS developers in the industry. PC Maritime is a leading UK developer and supplier of Navmaster ECDIS type approved software and hardware.

Navmaster ECDIS Mk II

Navmaster ECDIS 800 MK II

Navmaster ECDIS is an established ECDIS system developed by PC Maritime.

New features introduced in ECDIS 800 Mk II (August 2013):

Admiralty Information Overlay added.
UKHO says it's the most advanced implementation they've seen.  Includes AIO 
into Route Planning & Monitoring, with an intelligent Search & Go-To function

New faster processor

4GB RAM, 60GB solid state hard drive, dual monitor support, USB keys stored 

Navmaster ECDIS is a second-generation Electronic Chart Display and Information System, incorporating the input of many navigators into its design.

Designed to deliver great ease of use and functionality, Navmaster ECDIS is suited for installation on newbuilds and simple to retrofit into existing bridge layouts. Two ECDIS hardware options are available: a separate processor with two display sizes and a combined panel PC unit.

Key benefits

·        Windows interface – onscreen access to all main commands

·        Remote diagnostics built in

·        Excellent route-planning as used by an oil major

·        Passage plan includes company name and logo

·        Up-to-date chart management

·        Integration with Admiralty Information Overlay & TotalTide

·        Type-specific Training & Certification on DVD

·        Digital radar processor unit - can be retro-fitted

·        Voyage data record & replay feature

·        Data can be retained for months

·        Provides VDR-like capability for smaller vessels

   Single ECDIS can be upgraded to dual via network cable.

Navmaster ECDIS is compatible with these electronic charts: ENCs, CM-ENCs, ARCS, C-Map Pro & Seafarer.

Modular Hardware

Navmaster 800 MK II comprises a 24" widescreen monitor or a 19" monitor and a compact rack-mount processor with solid state hard drive. Navmaster 1000 comprises a panel PC combining monitor and processor with solid state hard drive into one unit.

With Navmaster 800 you can choose 24", 19" or a mixture of both monitors.  Either ECDIS configuration can be fitted into integrated bridge consoles at newbuild stage. The Navmaster 800 monitors can be flush-mounted into a console and the compact processor neatly stored in a cabinet.  Navmaster ECDIS 1000 can be fully flush-mounted into a console. The compact size of both options makes them also well-suited to retrofit.

Aftercare & Service – new text to replace old

When you buy a Navmaster ECDIS system we aim to provide you with first class support.


We can arrange installation at most ports using a network of qualified installers. Normally this requires a marine electronics engineer for 2 to 3 days, depending on whether single or dual ECDIS.

Technical support

We offer an annual Navmaster ECDIS Upgrade & Support contract. This gives ships crew unlimited support by phone or email to resolve any problems. It includes:

·        Remote Diagnostics feature for fast, efficient problem solving - engineer visits are rarely necessary

·        Direct internet connection for trouble-shooting

·        Knowledgeable PC Maritime staff for direct personal support

·        Automatic issue of ECDIS upgrades when released

Familiarisation training & certification

Our Navmaster ECDIS Training and certification course is supplied on two DVDs to use onboard. Crews can be trained and formally certified without leaving their ship. The course not only meets but exceeds the guidelines issued by the Nautical Institute for ECDIS familiarisation training.